Glenlands D Sandlewood heads overseas

Joining an increasing number of bulls and sires now being marketed globally is Glenlands D Sandlewood (P) (pictured).
Sandlewood was a 27-month-old when he sold at the 2015 Glenlands Genetics Sale for $18,000 to global beef marketers, Semex International. He raw data on sale day saw a liveweight of 860kg, a ribeye measurement of 134 and scans of 15/8mm.

Sandlewood is a member of the growing list of ‘new generation’ sires that are being produced by the $40,000 Glenlands Mambo. With now 200 registered progeny to his credit Mambo has produced 22 auction sons that have averaged $11,250 since his return to the prefix. His performance data ranks him in the top 5 percent for 200 day growth and the top 15, 10 percent for the other two growth categories and top 15 percent for Carcase weight.

Bred from a Choirboy/Classic cow that’s delivered four so far, Sandlewood is sourced from an extended family that provides ‘punch’ like the mighty, Johnstone and the $40,000 2014 sale topper, Glenlands D Ritual (Fieldhouse Stud WA). He’s as close in appearance to Mambo as you’d get and shares the limelight with other notable siblings such as the $80,000 Pacific (ET) (AI) (P), Playfull (ET) (AI) (P), Quambetook (Malboona), Singleton (Hillsborough), Rockingham (Ferny Glen), Quicksand (Wingstar) and Purpose (Vale View).