Glenlands and its owners, the Childs family can lay claim to the fact that the same family has carried out livestock production on the property for the past 118 years.

Founded in 1968 the Glenlands Stud was based on cattle sourced from the Alanray, Charaboon, Mungalla and Kelso Studs with females of structural soundness, breed type, fleshing and doing ability. A strict culling program is enforced and maintained to the stud’s standards; temperament and fertility play a major role.

The operation is run on four holdings, “Glenlands” Rockhampton, “Alkira” Dingo, “Dianne Downs” and “Moogine” Theodore. Over 1200 registered breeders involving more than 30 single sired herds and 300 purebred commercial cows are maintained on the four properties.

Our show teams have been very successful over many years and we have been rewarded by not only numerous broad ribbons, but for Glenlands Stud to be recognised in many parts of Australia and overseas.

The Droughtmaster breed has continued to go from strength to strength over the years with commercial acceptability and demand being greater than ever.

We believe the biggest hurdle facing producers is the ability to buy bulls that will give you progeny predictability; therefore our depth of breeding and our consistent criteria requirements placed upon our herd will hopefully see these problems alleviated.

Glenlands hosts its annual ‘On Property’ sale on Friday, September 27 2019 at ‘Glenlands’ Bouldercombe (approx 17klms outside Rockhampton) where 200 bulls will be offered for sale.

Glenlands also markets around 400 paddock bulls each year.