Glenlands D Billy The Kid (P) took out the All Breeds Reserve Champion Bull in the Five Star Creative Promotions Covid-19 2020 Virtual Online Show over the weekend. At just 16 months, Billy The Kid climbed into the top five before the final announcement by International judge, PJ Budler. The other four contestants selected in the final five were the Angus, Brahman, Speckle Park and Simmental males.

In his announcement and summation and the awarding of the title, Judge, PJ Budler, Forth Worth, Texas (US) (pictured) said of our young aspirant. ” I just see so much future in this bull, he’s got all those pieces that I’m looking for, so much breeding and genetic quality represented in this bull.” “I love his skin and his hide, he’s got power, there’s so much muscle. The design of his feet, the cushion in his pasterns, the shape of the hock, knee, the shape of his shoulder, this is a functionally efficient bull that can get out and move the industry in the right direction”.

PJ Budler was a 5th generation cattle producer in South Africa. At the age of 15 he founded BonHaven Beef Cattle that has since grown into a multi-national seed-stock company, with cattle herds in South Africa, Namibia and Mauritius.PJ had major show and sale successes with BonHaven including having the highest average sale prices for Angus and Hereford in Africa on a number of occasions. He also owned both the Hereford and Angus record priced animals in Africa at one time. In the show-ring, he won many major shows with Hereford, Angus and Braford cattle.
In 2012, PJ and his wife, Koula, moved to Fort Worth, Texas. This is where he established and Global Livestock Solutions which hosts the ‘Champion Of The World’ each year. PJ has had the honor of judging 30 breeds of cattle in 20 countries across 6 continents.
His involvement in the global cattle industry has taken him to over 68 countries thus far. (Sources: Imagery of PJ Budler – Show Champions)