We recently bid farewell to one of foremost females.
Glenlands Monique our Royal, Regional, Feature Show and Interbreed Champion.

She was performance, femininity and pedigree wrapped in one robust classic blend. She delivered 18 in her 17 year reign. Her dam has produced seven. Her grand dam produced nine including Doyle and Emerald. Emerald produced Legacy (Medway) and Mercedes (Iris Hill). Monique was a great grand-daughter of Glenlands 1012 (ET) – dam of Dakota and three others. Monique’s  stellar show career peaked with taking the 2009 Brisbane Royal Grand Champion, Grand Champion Inverell Feature Show 2010 and Interbreed Champion at the same event. Grand Champion Female and Supreme Exhibit Rockhampton Show 2010 and Interbreed Champion at the same outing. Her reputation is secure with a donor line now three generations deep.

Her first the $20,000 Olympia (Maxamillion). Olympia (pictured) has not only enhanced her mother reputation but is forging her own dynasty delivering 33 progeny thus far. Names like Acacia (retained donor), Tulip (retained donor), Thredbo (retained), Trilogy (Western Red), Tuscany (Kilkenny and Vale View),  Thunderbolt (Clonlara), Unify (retained), A La Carte (Sommer), Armageddon (Twin Hills), Axel (Fieldhouse), Archerfield (Simmons Cattle Co) and Academy (High Country).

  • 10603 – three including Talesman (Western Red)
  • 9900  – has sired many including Trailblazer (Quote) to Maclands.
  • Three resident daughters – Quest, Rosa, Timeless and another four retained daughters.
  • A  flush made $10,500 in the 2009 IT Sale selling to the Heitiki Stud where she produced Geronimo (Glenlands) and Gretel.
  • Her last male – Universe (pictured) has been retained as well.
Farewell ‘Moni’ … the shadow you cast shall live for ever more.