Sale summary: 154 bulls av $7020 top $40,000
Gross $1.081mTotal clearance

Increased sale averages, international buyers, a million dollar plus result and another complete clearance were some of the highlights at last weeks annual Glenlands Sale.
Buyers from two states bolstered by new clientele pitted themselves against an already healthy supporter base as sustained competition from both leading seedstock and end producers battled for a share of the offering.
Vendors, the Childs family witnessed three led bulls average $21,333. Demand for the 139 unled registered male counterparts saw bulls hit $40,000 to average $6889 while 12 purebreds averaged $4958 to top at $7000. In total, 142 registered entries averaged $7194 on the way to a bottom line result of 154 bulls averaging $7020 (167 bulls av $6114 in 2013). Balancing the tremendous result was affordability. Twenty three percent of the sale sold for figures of $4000 or less.
Ken, Shelley and Ben Mutton, Fieldhouse Stud, Wickepin, Western Australia secured the top seller, the $40,000 the 26-month, 844kg, Glenlands D Ritual (P). With an EMA of 134 the son of the $40,000 Glenlands Mambo delivered scans of 11/7mm and an IMF reading of 3.7. The other Mutton acquisition was the $34,000, D Richmond (P) (AI) (IVF) (34-months) (894kg).

(Pictured above is Jason Childs, Glenlands Stud, Bouldercome and Ben Mutton, Fieldhouse Stud, WA with Glenlands D Ritual).

Winton address, Rondel Stud, took the $38,000 Sandstone (P) (24-months). Owners, Peter and Delecce Carrington and family landed the 908kg son of Glenlands Maranoa with a 137 EMA and a 12/8mm scan.
Jim Conroy, General Manager, Semex Australia and New Zealand secured the global rights of the $24,000 D Sundowner (P) (26-months) (838kg) while John Atkinson, Cashmere Stud, Hughenden outlaid $24,000 Maranoa son, Session (P) and also the $22,000 Stanage (P) aged 36-months. Brisbane based, Daddamarine Pty Ltd took eight for a $6750 average topping at $28,000 for the 33-month D Riverfront (P) (AI) (IVF) (826kg) a full flush brother to the $34,000 D Richmond. They also secured another full flush sibling, D Rove for $6000.
John and Marnie Baker, Booroondarra, Middlemount took home three for an $8833 average including the 1109kg sale opener, Royal (P) (AI) (IVF) (156EMA) for $16,000. At the amount Anthony Anderson, Eddington Stud, Julia Creek claimed the 24-month, Stetson (P) (I-Spy) as well as four others for an average $8100. The Mearns family, Leprechaun, Durong also parted with the same amount for the 26-month, D Statesman (P) (892kg). Hastings and Sandra Donaldson, Medway Stud, Bogantungan paid $15,000 for the 24-month, 790kg, Saddler (P).

Leading commercial producers from two states threw their support behind the offering.
Allan Williams, Riverside, Nebo entered the market taking a trio for a $9333. Top of the Riverside selections was the $12,000 Solitaire (P) (24-months) (872kg). The Keitley family, Spring Sierra, Monto selected five for $7500 average with a top of $9000. John Cotter, Kinbombi Station, Goomeri took six for on average $6333 toping at $11,0000 for a 20-month-old by Ebony Hills Choirboy. Praguelands Grazing, Mackay will be the home of five for on average $6100. E Carr and Son, Myravale, Glastonbury picked up six for $5833 average topping at $8000.
Bash and Robin Carmichael, Newcombe, Augathella retuned taking five to average $5400 and a trio for Lochinvar, Augathella for on average $7333 topping at $10,000. Steve and Susan McLucas, Roper Valley, Middlemount signed off on four to average $5500. Charlie and Jackie Hawkins, Malakoff Downs, Hughenden signed off on four to average $4250. Bonny Downs Station, Nullagine, WA signed off on seven for a $4071 medium.
The No. 27 Pastoral Company, Acton, Richmond took 13 for on average $3900. Jim Gorman, Seamark Pty Ltd, Cliffdale, Theodore signed off on 15 for two destinations, Cliffdale and Vermont Park, Nebo for on average $3733.
Mark Driscoll, Moura took five to average $4100. Dan and Holly Dzundza, Penjobe, Springsure claimed two to average $9750 including the $14,000 D Stoke (P) (23-months) while Libby Ingram, Skye, Alpha took two to average $11,000 topping at $12,000 for the 26-month, Starburst (P). Adlodge Investments, Raymore Station, Quilpie selected the $12,000 Sovereign (P) (25-months).
Regulars, Dan and Helen Sullivan, Talagai, Capella took a pair to average $6500. The Finger family, Lake Lofty, Middlemount took a pair at $8000 each while the Kirk family, Lara Partnership, Gayndah took a $10,000 two-year-old by Glenlands 5225.


Agents: TopX, Landmark, Hourn and Bishop.